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Dmitry Surkov - Jun 2, 2021

Nevod is now open-source

How often does a newly patented technology become free and open-source? Not often, right? Well, here is the case. We’ve made our Nevod technology free and open-source. It’s hosted on GitHub:

What is Nevod?

Nevod is a language and technology for pattern-based text search. It is specially aimed to rapidly reveal entities and their relationships in texts written in the natural language.

You can try Nevod yourself on the official Nevod Web site. There is a language tutorial and a language reference at your disposal.

The Nevod Web site is also an open-source project, hosted on GitLab:

What is the Programming Platform?

The Nevod technology is written in C# for the .NET Core framework, so it runs on Linux, Windows and macOS.

How Can I Use Nevod in My Project?

You can use Nevod in the following ways:

  • Download source code and link it into your source tree.
  • Add reference to the Nevod NuGet package.
  • Download and use the command-line negrep utility, which is pre-compiled for Windows and Linux.


The Nevod project, as well as the Nevod Web site, are licensed under Apache 2.0 License, which includes the patent license. Cool, isn’t it?

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