Negrep is a free Nevod based grep cover image
Dmitry Surkov - Feb 10, 2020

Negrep is a free Nevod based grep

Many of you know about grep. This command-line utility is used to search plain-text files for lines that match a regular expression. The grep utility came from the Unix world and is now available for Linux, MacOS, Windows, etc.

Nezaboodka has recently produced and made public the negrep utility, which serves the same purpose, but uses Nevod patterns instead of regular expressions.

You can download negrep from the Nevod site. It’s available for Windows and Linux as self-contained archive that can be unpacked and used immediately without any setup procedure.

Negrep is distributed under Nezaboodka free software license, which means that you may redistribute it as part of your commercial software.

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