Nezaboodka Database (NDB) is a patented high-performance storage engine scalable to thousands of servers and millions of simultaneous clients. It provides true distributed ACID transactions for all kinds of data, such as linked objects, full-text indexes, binary files, and queue messages. Access to data is provided by an innovative query language and duplex data access protocol that is based on HTTP, natively supports object-oriented data model, and makes object-relational mapping unnecessary. The protocol supports reactive programming model allowing changes to be automatically pushed to UI controls in real-time.

Nevod is a language and matching engine that provides pattern-based text search. It is specially aimed to rapidly reveal entities and their relationships in texts written in the natural language. Nevod is hundreds of times faster than RegExp on a rule deck of 1K patterns. It is natively supported by full-text search engine of the Nezaboodka Database.

Pushinka is an NDB spin-off project. It is an open-source JavaScript library that combines reactive, transactional, and asynchronous programming models to radically improve productivity of Web UI development. In conjunction with ReactJS and N*DB protocols, Pushinka provides automatic, real-time, and fine-grained pushing of state changes from data storage to corresponding UI controls for re-rendering.

Nezaboodka products are currently in development.

Stay tuned!